Elo Heaven Club now live!

Qichin A posted Mar 14, 16

Hey everyone!

After much teasing, Riot has finally launched clubs on NA today, and we were able to nab a club for us. We are now the proud owners of "EH - Elo Heaven" on the client!

We have already invited members who were online, but if your invitation somehow fell through the cracks, or if you weren't online up to now but would like to join, just let us know, preferably on the League client so we can invite you straight away.

The club is currently limited to 50 people, and while we may not hit that limit right away, we're hoping that it'll be increased in the near future.

So happy clubbing everyone, and show off those "EH" tags!

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Papercorpse's 1v1 Tournament!

Seaal A posted Feb 17, 16

Hey guys,

Papercorpse has kindly decided to host a 1vs1 tournament for us with a prize pool of $70!

The tournament will be held this Sunday at 12PM PST/3PM EST, with every game being a Best of 3 and the finals being a Best of 5.

The games will be played blind pick, with the exception that you cannot play a champion that you have previously played for that round, so choose wisely!

Sound like fun? Join us on Sunday and get your chance to win $25 of RP!

For more information see Papercorpse's Announcement.

Hope to see you guys there!


Qichin A posted Feb 17, 16

Hey everyone,

For those who missed it, during our MIH relaunch we revealed the start of our new website,, which contains it’s first feature, a balancing app to use for inhouses. The website is still in very early alpha, and we would like to introduce further features and improvements over time.

In order to make this website the best possible for this community, we would like your input. We want to know what features would really make you excited to visit and use our website! As the site develops further, we will be looking for constructive feedback on what you dislike about the site, and what we can do to improve it.

If you’re a software development enthusiast, and want to help out in the production of the site, let us know in this thread.

We’re excited to be working on this project, and to make this website the best it can be for you. We will be finalising a feature list for Alpha 2, and it will hopefully be here before not too long, so watch this space!

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Yo, I’m OddJon your friendly neighbourhood Community Ambass- I mean, new Admin. :^)

Public opinion has reached the ears of the Lord Above, and so I have been raised to join them as an overlord. I have slain our aquatic Jesus, and feasted upon his heart (not really). The reign of tyranny begins. Kneel before me.

The rules have been simplified and laxed somewhat. The simplest explanation for them is: Don’t be a dick, AFK with an open mic, or ELO boost. This tl;dr has also been added to the rules page.

The rebirth of Karaoke night is nigh, rejoice! There’s been new privileges assigned to DJ Sona’s Room, and priority speaker can now be assigned to singers. I encourage you all to work together on organizing the event! There is a new initiative in motion to push towards community driven events, organized and ran by members of the community! Anyone can come up with their own events now, be it League or another game - in the case of tournaments, prizes can be provided!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of the new “Other Games” forum! Use this shiny new forum for all your posts and threads about other games - as well as organizing some dank events and forming groups.

Remember that the Mentored Inhouses are relaunching on February 13th! There will be two games, and a $10 RP giveaway each game to a random participant! Make sure you come out!

God bless,


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Hello everybody,

As a part of our renewed effort to get something other than Blade & Soul happening around here...  With the new ranked season officially open, it’s time for many of us to get back into ranked and start getting serious about climbing.  With this in mind, we’re relaunching our incredibly popular Mentored Inhouses starting on Saturday, February 13.  With this relaunch we’re addressing two main issues: attendance and quality.  Oh yeah, and we’re giving away RP.

To address our attendance issues of late, we’re making efforts on several fronts.  For starters, we’re doing our best to make sure that there’s definitely going to be an instructor present.  We’re also making it so that even if we don’t get a full ten people for a custom, there will be a mentoring experience of some kind (mentored normals, random adds in customs, anything to get it rolling).  Basically, if you show up, you will get mentoring.

As for the issue of the quality of feedback, we’re taking steps to make sure our instructors give the best feedback possible without wasting a bunch of everybody’s time.  For now, this means a tentative five minute limit on the feedback for any given player (great news for anyone who likes to see the instructors squirm).  We’re also going to be meeting with all the instructors to work on giving more concise feedback and giving information relevant to gameplay knowledge and concepts rather than one time mistakes.

And of course, to celebrate this relaunch, we’re also giving away two $5 RP cards.  These cards will be raffled amongst all participants and instructors (yes I decided that on my own, I want $$$) who take part in our inhouses on the 13th.

So if you’re interested in starting this season off the right way, or if you just miss hearing Raiden call people shitters, we’ll be waiting for you at Saturday, February 13 at 12PM PST/3 PM EST.  Remember, if you show up, you will get mentoring.

- Vist

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