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Ranked 5s Night Pilot!

Seaal a posted Sep 8, 14
Hey guys,

After seeing a lot of people looking to form Ranked teams within Elo Heaven, I am going to be running a pilot for a ranked 5s night. If the night is successful, I will look into making this a regular event. The main issue with teams seems to be being able to find a suitable time that everybody can play at, and this night should hopefully help accommodate a time for people to play at. Ranked 5s are a great way to learn something new, as well as have fun with your fellow Elo Heaven members.

The ranked 5s night pilot will be at 5PM PDT/8PM EDT on Wednesday the 10th of September. To participate be in the Events Room at this time on Raidcall. I hope to see many of you there :)

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New Mentor System Released!

Seaal a posted Sep 4, 14
Hey guys,

I've finally found the time to release the new mentoring system! The main changes from the old system are as follows:

  • Removed Gold III mentor cap. Mentoring is about learning, and there shouldn't be a hard cap on who can and can't teach.
  • Changed from a request system to a thread for each mentor system. This should simplify interaction between Mentors and Mentees and increase mentoring rates.
  • Cut a lot of the formalities out (Feedback form, Minimum mentoring). These things were a lot of effort to maintain and didn't bring many benefits to the system.

You can find out more information about the new mentoring system by checking out the Mentor Forum. Now that the new system is live we are looking for more mentors! If you would like to become a mentor and help others out, check out this thread.

I would love, as always, to get feedback, so if you have any please don't hesitate to drop me a message or reply to this thread.

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As a part of the community revival plan we would like to to get regular feedback from the community on our revival efforts. This feedback will come in the form of feedback threads on various parts of our community, and our first feedback thread will be about the current events and event schedule.

For the community revival, the event schedule has been reworked to its current format (here) and was relaunched a month ago. So far we have had issues with members turning up as well as participating in the events. So in this thread, we're mostly looking to answer two questions:
  1. What do you think of the new event schedule?
  2. What made you participate or not participate in the events this past month?

Any other comments, suggestions, or criticisms about the events are also welcome.

There are no wrong answers here, we are really only looking at what you, the community, thinks about the events.

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