Yo, I’m OddJon your friendly neighbourhood Community Ambass- I mean, new Admin. :^)

Public opinion has reached the ears of the Lord Above, and so I have been raised to join them as an overlord. I have slain our aquatic Jesus, and feasted upon his heart (not really). The reign of tyranny begins. Kneel before me.

The rules have been simplified and laxed somewhat. The simplest explanation for them is: Don’t be a dick, AFK with an open mic, or ELO boost. This tl;dr has also been added to the rules page.

The rebirth of Karaoke night is nigh, rejoice! There’s been new privileges assigned to DJ Sona’s Room, and priority speaker can now be assigned to singers. I encourage you all to work together on organizing the event! There is a new initiative in motion to push towards community driven events, organized and ran by members of the community! Anyone can come up with their own events now, be it League or another game - in the case of tournaments, prizes can be provided!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of the new “Other Games” forum! Use this shiny new forum for all your posts and threads about other games - as well as organizing some dank events and forming groups.

Remember that the Mentored Inhouses are relaunching on February 13th! There will be two games, and a $10 RP giveaway each game to a random participant! Make sure you come out!

God bless,


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Hello everybody,

As a part of our renewed effort to get something other than Blade & Soul happening around here...  With the new ranked season officially open, it’s time for many of us to get back into ranked and start getting serious about climbing.  With this in mind, we’re relaunching our incredibly popular Mentored Inhouses starting on Saturday, February 13.  With this relaunch we’re addressing two main issues: attendance and quality.  Oh yeah, and we’re giving away RP.

To address our attendance issues of late, we’re making efforts on several fronts.  For starters, we’re doing our best to make sure that there’s definitely going to be an instructor present.  We’re also making it so that even if we don’t get a full ten people for a custom, there will be a mentoring experience of some kind (mentored normals, random adds in customs, anything to get it rolling).  Basically, if you show up, you will get mentoring.

As for the issue of the quality of feedback, we’re taking steps to make sure our instructors give the best feedback possible without wasting a bunch of everybody’s time.  For now, this means a tentative five minute limit on the feedback for any given player (great news for anyone who likes to see the instructors squirm).  We’re also going to be meeting with all the instructors to work on giving more concise feedback and giving information relevant to gameplay knowledge and concepts rather than one time mistakes.

And of course, to celebrate this relaunch, we’re also giving away two $5 RP cards.  These cards will be raffled amongst all participants and instructors (yes I decided that on my own, I want $$$) who take part in our inhouses on the 13th.

So if you’re interested in starting this season off the right way, or if you just miss hearing Raiden call people shitters, we’ll be waiting for you at Saturday, February 13 at 12PM PST/3 PM EST.  Remember, if you show up, you will get mentoring.

- Vist

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Winter Spring Cleaning

Gist A posted Jan 19, 16

Hello everyone!

Now that another new year has come around, it came time for a bit of early spring cleaning. Over the past week, measures have been taken to adjust Elo Heaven’s infrastructure to better suit our needs as a community. As much as we would have liked to keep everyone where they were, unfortunately, the resources we have simply don't allow us to. Effective immediately, the following changes have been made:

  • Vistorica has been added to the admin team.
  • Administrators will no longer serve under staff usergroups. => Retains Administrator position
  • Retired Guide Coordinator staff position
  • Retired Community Events Coordinator staff position
  • In an accidental oversight, Graphic Designer is once again a staff position

We appreciate everyone's understanding with these changes, and hopefully with this extra breathing room, we'll be able to help serve the community both more effectively and in a timely manner. The possibility of reintroducing those we lost back into the Elo Heaven staff body still exists in the future, so please keep your eyes peeled!

You might have noticed that I mentioned that both the Guide Coordinator and Community Events Coordinator positions are being retired. After some discussion with other members of the admin team, we have come to the consensus that at this current point in time, these staff positions do not serve a vital purpose in making sure that we run smoothly as a community, and unfortunately, we need to make cuts in order to keep things flowing smoothly. These staff positions are not being fully removed, but we don't need anyone occupying these positions for the time being.

The Inactive Mentor section has been removed due to lack of use and mentors that have not logged in over a period of two months have been removed from the team. Mentors that have been removed this way are free to reapply using the mentor application thread.

Instructors now have their own Teamspeak badges for easier identification during MIH!

Our Teamspeak channel infrastructure has also received a major overhaul with an introduction of non-nested channels that will allow for easier navigation and accessibility. With more obvious categorizing of different channel purposes, it'll be easier than ever to know where you're supposed to be when you need to do something.

Please note that the default channel you join upon connecting to TeamSpeak is now the Pearly White Gates, and you'll have to manually move to the Café. You can circumvent this by creating a bookmark in TS.

This is not all of the changes that are in store, but nonetheless, they needed to be documented. We appreciate everyone's understanding about these changes and hope that we can all move forward as we adopt new methods and shift to new metas.

Keep fighting on the Fields of Justice!

~ Gist

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Hey guys,

I will be taking the TeamSpeak server offline for a few hours to do a permission and channel structure upgrade. Due to the haste of setting up a replacement for the Raidcall server the permissions and overall structure is pretty bad. I have been experimenting with a beta server I made on my home computer to see how channels/permissions/etc interact correctly. Now that I have a template that works, I can make our server much more efficient and overall more appealing. No more dumb server and channel groups!

I will work on this at noon (PST) on the 19th (Tuesday). If you try to join during that time and it is password protected, don't worry, I'm working and it will be unlocked probably 2 hours later.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me!



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Hey guys,


Recently, there have been concerns of our members going down towards the section of the Teamspeak labelled “Elo Hell”. As you all are aware, this domain is for the server’s original inhabitants to use. Elo Hell cohabits our Teamspeak, but it is not meant to be integrated. Elo Hell currently does not have any enforced rules as the section itself is not a part of Elo Heaven. As such, we at Elo Heaven are not responsible for actions taken by moderators of Elo Hell and will not reverse decisions made on their behalf.


The current moderator of Elo Hell is Cow Jesus. If there are any issues that arise with Elo Hell members coming into any part of Elo Heaven and causing problems, please talk to him. Likewise, if there are any Elo Heaven members descending into Elo Hell and causing problems, those Elo Heaven members are under the jurisdiction of the Elo Hell moderators.


For instance, if an Elo Heaven member wanders into Elo Hell and is banned for any length of time while they are down there, we at Elo Heaven will not reverse that decision.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in this thread or ask any admin or Teamspeak Moderator.


Thank you,


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