Hi all!

After some building, we are thrilled to release our very own Information Center. It’s a collection of information about various aspects of our community that was previously spread out over a number of different threads in several subforums. All of those have now been cleaned up and placed into one easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate section! The Information Center is now permanently linked to in our top menu bar, so go ahead and check it out.

This will be our central repository for any information that is worth knowing about, and can also be a good first place to point new members to if they have any questions. The Info Center will be updated as necessary.

If you have any question or feedback on the Info Center, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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Hey guys,

After recent feedback, we really want to strengthen the communication between the admin team and the rest of the community. As such, we are opening up the role of a Community Ambassador to help open up this communication channel. The Community Ambassador is not your standard Staff role, as the position will be decided upon by an open vote from the entire Elo Heaven community. We want you, as a community, to select the person you believe will serve your best interests and fairly represent you and the community as a whole.

The Community Ambassador will:

  • Be a voice and representative of the community.
  • Gather feedback, issues and questions from the community and present them to the admins.
  • Attend monthly feedback sessions with the admin team.

For those who are interested in becoming our Community Ambassador, you will need to PM me your application by the 3rd of October 2015 23:59 PDT. Once all applications are in, a public poll will be held for 1 week and community members will be able to vote for their favorite applicant.

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New VoIP: Teamspeak 3

Qichin A posted Sep 20, 15

Hey guys,

As we have announced previously, RaidCall is shutting down support for their English and Portuguese servers beginning October 1st. As a result, only the Russian servers (and possibly Russian client) will be usable, which is going to negatively impact the ping and general usability of RaidCall for most of our members.

Following this, we have opted to move our center of voice communication from RaidCall to Teamspeak 3. @Hobb1T has been gracious enough to provide us with a server. To connect, please install the Teamspeak 3 client. Our server info is There is currently no password.

We apologize for the inconvenience; after 3 years of happily working with RaidCall, we must finally leave. Thank you for your support during this time, and we look forward to chatting with you on Teamspeak! If you have any questions or issues, comment in this discussion or contact an admin and we’ll help you out.

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Hi all,

We just found out that RaidCall will be shutting down their support for their English servers on October 1st, which means that unless we want to use the Russian client with Russian servers, we need to jump ship. It came as a very short notice to us, so we don't have a lot of time to get things set up. We're looking into a replacement program right now (most likely Teamspeak or Mumble), and are trying to check which one would suit our needs better.

This does mean that come October, we will most likely have to abandon RaidCall and collectively move to the new server on the new program. We'll aim to finalize our decision by the end of this week, and give you all the necessary info so you can move. We're not sure what will actually happen to our RaidCall channel when support gets shut down, but we should be settled into our new home by that time.

So keep your eyes out on this front page, where we will post another announcement with all the details for the move. Also, please help spread the word on RC and on League so that people aren't caught off guard, or try to come to our RC after the move. Thanks!

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Elo Heaven Streaming

ninjanomnom A posted May 19, 15

Hello fellow members,

We are thrilled to announce that Elo Heaven is looking to establish regular streaming. After a long time of dormancy, our official Elo Heaven Twitch channel is ready to be resurrected with contributions by you, the members! If you are interested in streaming or are already a streamer, we would love for you to stream on our channel regularly. This can be both educational and/or recreational, whatever you're into!

If you do want to become an official Elo Heaven streamer let us know in this thread or by telling an admin. Once we've figured out all the details, applications will be available and our stream will start being active.

Even if you aren't interested in streaming yourself, we already have quite a few things lined up to be streamed by staff members, such as chill games, the relatively new Ranked 5s Team and Mentored Inhouses, so make sure to check them out! We will be creating an official schedule, but for now you can follow the Elo Heaven Twitch Channel, so you are notified when the stream is online.

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