Hi all!

After some feedback, we have decided to slightly change the way Chill Games are run. The old method had constant weekly changes with a very short notice (often less than a day), and people never quite knew what games to expect for a given week. In addition, we had a rather weird assortment of games on the list, some of which work for impromptu short fun sessions, while others are much more suited for several hours of gameplay, or even several sessions. More consistency overall was also a big point. We've also looked at participation and voting patterns, and

With all these in mind, I present to you the following changes:

  • Reduction of Events. We've removed EH Plays League from Wednesdays, as well as the Sunday time for Chill Games. Chill Games is now being held on Fridays only.
  • Monthly Votes. The polls to decide on the game to be played will be held monthly. It will generally start on the 16th or 17th of a month, and run for 12 days.
  • Monthly Games. The winning game of the monthly poll will be the game played during all Chill Games sessions for the month, meaning more consistency and the ability to have longer ongoing game sessions.
  • Sunday Funday. Every third Sunday of the month, we're having a fun afternoon filled with silly browser games for some quick entertainment.
  • Table-Top RPGs. While these were being planned and have started a bit ago, we're now officially announcing that our D&D and Shadowrun sessions are fixed events both in our schedule and in our calendar!

You can check out our Events Schedule to see all of these changes in effect.

And to start things off, here is the first poll for Chill Games!

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An Update to Raidcall

Seaal A posted Feb 8, 15

As you may have noticed, we've had a complete overhaul of Raidcall to help improve the scalability as well as the usability of our Raidcall channel. Our main goal is to make Raidcall channels more modular and intuitive, as well as improving clarity (yes, we are essentially Riot now).

The full list of changes are:

  • Raidcall has been split into many more sections (Social Club, League Games, Events, Learning Center, Other Games vs Social Club, Learning Center) to make it easier to find your way around.
  • Some additional channels have been added based on community feedback:
    • Private Discussion Rooms - Use them to talk about various topics away from the busyness of the café.
    • The ARAM Channel - You're welcome Downside.
    • Private/Public Normal Games rooms - Private Normal Games rooms have the standard 6 person cap. Public Normal Games rooms have no cap.
    • Other Games - Looking For Players - Use this room to find more players for your non league game!
  • Given the channels fun names to help give the Raidcall more character!

Over the next few weeks we may make some tweaks to the format, so again, any feedback you have is most appreciated (and thank you for all the feedback recently!). We hope you enjoy the new look to our Raidcall :sick:

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Hi all,

The new poll for this week's Chill Games is online, you can find it here. Voting will be open until Thursday to allow some time for people to download/install the games. As always, the first place game will be played on Friday, the second place on Sunday. Voting is not a requirement to join the event, but it gives you a say in what will be played.

You can find our event schedule here, and the entire list of games for Chill Games here.

The games for this week are:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Diablo 3
  • Epic Mafia/Town of Salem
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Hey guys,

As a community focused on improving, we feel that our guide section on the website is way below where it should be. While we do offer strong support in actual mentoring, we are looking to improve our written material, so our members have a rich library of resources they can access to help further improve their game.

To help achieve this goal, we are looking to add a Guide Coordinator to our staff team. The role of a Guide Coordinator is to help foster ideas on creating guide content, as well as help structure and maintain the Approved Guides forum. The Guide Coordinator will report directly to Seaal and Gist . If you are interested in applying, see below.


  • Professional.
  • Active Daily on the forum.
  • Uphold the Community Rules and the Summoner's Code.
  • Act appropriately whenever you are representing the community.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • Good organizational skills.


  • Organize and maintain the Approved Guide Forum.
  • Assist in the process of approving guides.
  • Brainstorm and Implement ideas to improve the current guide system.
  • Have progress meetings with the admin staff.


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Introducing Instructors

Seaal A posted Jan 27, 15

Hey guys,

We have another addition to the mentor system we would like to announce: Instructors.

In the past, we made no differentiation between those who mentored Inhouses and those who didn't. This was kind of confusing for people taking part in Mentored Inhouses, as they had no idea who was going to be helping them and who wasn't (some mentors would take part, some would just spec, some would be giving feedback, etc.). So to help clarify mentor's roles within the system, we have introduced Instructors.

Instructors are the same as mentors, except they have the ability to run and mentor Inhouses. Instructors can be identified by their Instructor tag on the forum (Coming soon™), the [I] on their Raidcall name and the fact they have Channel Moderator in the Inhouse Games channel.

Mentored Inhouse rules haven't changed however: you have to be lower than Plat V to participate, and Mentors need to be above Plat V or higher to become Instructors.

We hope this clears up exactly who is there to give feedback and that we will continue to provide high quality mentoring through Mentored Inhouses moving forward.

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