Second Annual Snowdown Party

Gist A posted Sun at 2:31

Hi everyone!

Our second annual Snowdown Party is happening! The date is

Saturday, December 12th, 7 PM EST

It’ll be a day of merriment, fun, joy, revelry, and partying! Here’s what we have planned:

  • Mystery Santa Skin Trading
  • Inhouse Games
  • Random Games
  • Drinking!*
  • And More!

Throughout the event, we’ll be handing out prizes (Mystery Skin, $10 RP or one of a selection of steam/origin games!**) at random to community members to say thanks for being amazing and making the community what it is!

Along with this announcement, we’re opening up the signups for the skin trade. If you wish to participate, simply reply to this thread and we’ll randomly pair you up with someone else on the list on the day of the event. Don’t worry about uneven numbers - we’ll make sure everybody has someone to trade with.

So come along, crack open a beer, drink your hot cocoa and celebrate the joys of Snowdown with your fellow community members.

*Elo Heaven does not condone underage drinking. If you are below the minimum drinking age for your country or region of residence, please do not consume alcoholic beverages. Elo Heaven takes no responsibility for any consequences of disregarding this disclaimer or your local laws.

**There may be some delays to receive your prizes but we will aim to get them all out as soon as possible.

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Hi all,

The votes are in, and with 17 to 6 votes, we have a clear winner! Congratulations to TheOddJon for becoming your Community Ambassador. Here’s a reminder for everyone what the Community Ambassador will do:

  • Be a voice and representative of the community.
  • Gather feedback, issues, and questions from the community and present them to the admins.
  • Attend monthly feedback sessions with the admin team.

A big thank you to Uberejho for running as well.

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Community Ambassador Voting!

Seaal A posted Oct 12, 15

Hey guys,

Just over a week ago we announced that there would be a public community vote for our latest available role, The Community Ambassador! We've had two applicants for the role: Uberejho and TheOddJon (Manly Kamina), and you, the community, will decide who takes up the position. If you need a reminder of what the Community Ambassador does, check out our previous announcement.

In the link below you will find a summary from each applicant as to why they believe they would be a good choice for Community Ambassador. The poll will last one week, starting from when this post is created. In the event of a tie, the applicants will have a chance to add to their summaries and another poll will be held (or we might make the applicants face off to the death in an epic rap battle, we'll see).

Click here to view the summaries, vote in the poll and comment.

Hi all!

After some building, we are thrilled to release our very own Information Center. It’s a collection of information about various aspects of our community that was previously spread out over a number of different threads in several subforums. All of those have now been cleaned up and placed into one easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate section! The Information Center is now permanently linked to in our top menu bar, so go ahead and check it out.

This will be our central repository for any information that is worth knowing about, and can also be a good first place to point new members to if they have any questions. The Info Center will be updated as necessary.

If you have any question or feedback on the Info Center, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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Hey guys,

After recent feedback, we really want to strengthen the communication between the admin team and the rest of the community. As such, we are opening up the role of a Community Ambassador to help open up this communication channel. The Community Ambassador is not your standard Staff role, as the position will be decided upon by an open vote from the entire Elo Heaven community. We want you, as a community, to select the person you believe will serve your best interests and fairly represent you and the community as a whole.

The Community Ambassador will:

  • Be a voice and representative of the community.
  • Gather feedback, issues and questions from the community and present them to the admins.
  • Attend monthly feedback sessions with the admin team.

For those who are interested in becoming our Community Ambassador, you will need to PM me your application by the 3rd of October 2015 23:59 PDT. Once all applications are in, a public poll will be held for 1 week and community members will be able to vote for their favorite applicant.

Click here to comment and view the application.