Introducing Instructors

Seaal a posted Tue at 12:58

Hey guys,

We have another addition to the mentor system we would like to announce: Instructors.

In the past, we made no differentiation between those who mentored Inhouses and those who didn't. This was kind of confusing for people taking part in Mentored Inhouses, as they had no idea who was going to be helping them and who wasn't (some mentors would take part, some would just spec, some would be giving feedback, etc.). So to help clarify mentor's roles within the system, we have introduced Instructors.

Instructors are the same as mentors, except they have the ability to run and mentor Inhouses. Instructors can be identified by their Instructor tag on the forum (Coming soon™), the [I] on their Raidcall name and the fact they have Channel Moderator in the Inhouse Games channel.

Mentored Inhouse rules haven't changed however: you have to be lower than Plat V to participate, and Mentors need to be above Plat V or higher to become Instructors.

We hope this clears up exactly who is there to give feedback and that we will continue to provide high quality mentoring through Mentored Inhouses moving forward.

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Hi all,

The new poll for this week's Chill Games is online, you can find it here. Voting will be open until Thursday to allow some time for people to download/install the games. As always, the first place game will be played on Friday, the second place on Sunday. Voting is not a requirement to join the event, but it gives you a say in what will be played.

You can find our event schedule here, and the entire list of games for Chill Games here.

The games for this week are:

  • Board Game Arena

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Guns of Icarus Online

  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • Team Fortress 2

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Hey guys,

We’ve had an incident recently that involved the use of homophobic slurs. This issue has since grown and encompassed our community rules as a whole, with the discussion being on what kinds of words we would not like to see used, or what happens if people feel offended by the use of certain terms. In particular, the rule being discussed is:

  • No Racial/Homophobic slurs.

Regarding this issue, I think it is important that we clarify what exactly is classed as offensive or not.

There are certain words whose only purpose is to be an insult and quite clearly we do not wish these words to be used within our community. Common examples of this are words that demean minorities, such as Racial and Homophobic slurs, words like "nigger" or "faggot”.

There are other words which are not inherently offensive, but can be used offensively. Most curse words are an example of this. They can be offensive, and people can take offense from them, but in certain contexts they aren’t. We do not explicitly forbid the use of these words, but an element of respect for your fellow Elo Heaveners is required.

As many of you know, I use a lot of curse words within my feedback in Mentored Inhouses to try and add emphasis and gravity to the importance of my points. Am I being offensive? No. Could someone be offended by my use of those words? Of course. If somebody requested that I stopped using curse words because they found the words offensive, I would stop. We should strive to be an open and welcoming community, and mutual respect is a pillar of getting along in any social group. Respect other people’s wishes and they will respect yours.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a decent person and our community is nothing without decent people. Use your common sense, respect each other, and keep making this community an awesome place to learn League of Legends.

That all being said, the incident last night is only tangentially related to the issue of using slurs. Instead, this was clearly the breaking of another rule, namely:

  • Abuse of any community member will not be tolerated. Friendly banter is fine, but it is at our discretion of what we judge to be too far.

Regarding this incident, we will talk to the people involved, and will aim to resolve the issue promptly. We do not tolerate harassment of any of our members; every member is valued and contributes to what Elo Heaven is.

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Jukekio has stepped down as a Raidcall Admin (although I'm sure most of you are aware of that already, sorry for the delay in this announcement).

I'd like to personally thank Jukekio for all the hard work he put in over Christmas, with both his contributions to admining the Raidcall and his input within admin meetings. He will still be around within the community, just not a part of the admin staff anymore.

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Events Restarting

Qichin a posted Jan 19, 15
Hello all, I hope you've made it into 2015 well!

Our Winter break for events is now over, and starting this week, events will be restarting! While our Events Schedule will remain the same, there are several changes to events overall.

UPDATE: There has been a slight change in our schedule. Our Sunday Chill Games has been moved to the later timeslot (5pm PDT/8pm EDT), and the earlier slot (12pm PDT/3pm EDT) has been filled by D&D, which is a new event that will be coming up soon.

First off, our weekly voting system has changed. Every week, there will be a list of give games you can vote on, but in addition, you can also vote on the specific day (Friday or Sunday) on which you'd like to play the game. The most voted game for each day wins and will be played during Chill Games. To accommodate this change, we've looked into the voting patterns over the three months we've had these threads, and removed a large number of games that were rarely voted and/or never won in a single poll. Check out our updated Game List to see the new list of games.

Second, I (Qichin) have stepped down from being an active events coordinator. I will still manage them and am willing to answer any questions or take any comments and feedback. But the actual people who will run the events from now on will be gistofeverything and ninjanomnom.

Third, we are officially and explicitly splitting off Mentored Inhouses from the rest of the events. They will still be in the events schedule, but all administrative things will not be handled by the event coordinators. If you have any questions or comments about MiH, please take them to Seaal instead.

Lastly, the first Chill Games voting thread of 2015 is up! Go here and start voting for the games you'd like to see for Friday and Sunday! The games available for this week are:
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Guns of Icarus Online
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Osu!
  • Team Fortress 2

- Qichin
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